Is it Possible to Get Only One Dental Implant?

Have you recently had to have a single tooth extracted? You probably notice that it feels a little different, and you may have to watch how you chew over the gap where your tooth used to be. You probably know that dental implants are an option for people who have all or most of their teeth removed, but is it actually possible to get only one dental implant to replace the one you had to have removed?

As it turns out, you can most definitely get single dental implants. To get you acquainted with the idea and see if it might be right for you, let’s see what goes into the process. If it sounds good to you, you can get in touch with your local individual tooth implants new port richey dentists to discuss your options.

A Deeper Dive into Individual Tooth Implants

Individual tooth implants work the same way any other dental implants would work. Your oral surgeon will insert a metal post in your jawbone, in the space where your recently extracted natural tooth was. This metal post acts as the root of your tooth implant, and a crown will be placed on top of it, forming your new artificial tooth.

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You will have to give your new implant some time to recover, which can be up to several months depending on the patient. You can ease the process along by eating a diet of soft foods and resisting the urge to do activities like smoking or drinking alcohol. Your oral surgeon will go over some of the proper aftercare tips with you so you know what to do for a quick recovery time.

Once it’s placed and healed, you’ll take care of your dental implant like you would the rest of your natural teeth. Brush them, floss them, and continue to take good care of them, and hopefully, this will be the first and last implant you will ever have to get.

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