What Attracts Mosquitoes to a Home?

One of the nightmares of summer is the mosquito. This annoying pest comes out when the weather is warm and quickly causes people to run inside for protection after they are bitten by its vicious attack. Exactly what is it that attracts mosquitoes to your home? How can you keep them off of your property? It might be easier than you think.

What is Your Blood Type?

If you have Type O blood, there’s nothing you can do to stop the attraction that a mosquito has for you. Research shows that mosquitoes prefer Type O blood, so prefer to battle this pest in other ways.

A Little Bit of Water

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Mosquitoes bite a victim because they need the blood to lay their eggs and for breeding purposes. They also need water where they’ll lay their eggs after ingesting the blood. If there are any water sources on your property, remove them at once. Even a teaspoonful of water can cause a mosquito attraction.

Beer Attracts Mosquitoes

Many outdoor parties during the summer involve alcohol. This is one way to also attract mosquitoes in your direction. When mosquitos get a whiff of the beer, they’ll come flying in your direction.

What Do You Wear?

Dark clothing is another cause of mosquito attraction. Avoid wearing black clothing whenever possible, unless you want to become the next mosquito meal. Opt to wear lighter clothes and you’ll be cooler and less appealing to mosquitoes.

The waist way to keep mosquitos out of your hair this summer is with the help of professional mosquito control services middletown. Once professionals protect the home against this pest, you have fewer worries on your mind and more time to go outside and enjoy summer for what it is worth.

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