What is Electrical Conduit?

Chances are you don’t know what electrical conduit is, but it’s actually pretty common and even in your walls right now. Electrical conduit is a pipe, made from metal or plastic, that keeps wires both together and protected.

It often is exposed and looks like piping, and typically is used either outdoors or in unfinished areas. Where there’s electricity, there’s a conduit keeping those wires safe and protected so it can continue to flow without issue.

It’ll keep the wires safe from the weather, impact, dust, or from tampering, allowing you to continue to enjoy your electricity. There are several types of electrical conduits, with several types of advantages and disadvantages. But the most common are threaded conduits, which are conduits that are threaded together to make them tighter and prevent leaks and use a tighter seal.

Rigid and Flexible Conduits

Rigid conduits are typically made from metal, and most of them can be threaded. You can find most rigid conduits in construction sights and commercial buildings. Additionally, aluminum conduits are used in food processing plants, because aluminum doesn’t corrode as easily as metal. Non-metal conduits are typically made out of PVC. It’s lightweight and easy to move around and cost less.

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Flexible conduits are able to move around and be bent into different shapes. This type of conduit is used to isolate the conduit from vibrations, and they are typically used in dry areas where rigid conduits can’t be installed.

Conduits and Your Home

Conduits exist inside of your home, performing the same function they do in commercial areas. However, for residential areas, there are certain types of conduit ratings that will need to be followed. Be sure to check with professional electrical contractors lexington ky before you start wiring your home or messing with the power.